Gloria Perrier
Artistic Director

Gloria is an artist with an extensive background in performing, directing, and creating dance and theatrical productions.

Studied dance in Europe and Canada. Moved to Quebec, founded the School of Creativity with Youth With a Mission. With the growth of artists coming from around the world, we moved to Cambridge Ontario and worked with over 100 artists. Traveled to 4 continents and approx. 30 countries performing 2 main productions.

Invited to teach and give dance workshops in New Zealand and Australia. As well as produced and directed "Toymaker & Son" for different groups in North America.

For a year worked with a creative team producing a TV series, as well as acted in the series.

At Common Wealth Games choreographed and performed a musical called "Cinderalla".

At Los Angeles Olympics performed in "Toymaker & Son".

Moved to Vancouver and formed a youth dance company (mostly teen males) called "Different Drummer". Created and choreographed a show that we performed in the area.

Moved to the Okanagan and formed a dance company called "Freshwater". Choreographed "The Crown" performed in the Okanagan as well as in other parts of BC.

Worked for Creators Art Center in Kelowna BC. With a team of 3 directors with 40 cast members, we mounted the show, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" based on the book by C.S. Lewis.

Created other works of art and performed locally at New Years Eve celebrations etc. in the Okanagan.

I was judge for "So You Think You Can Dance Vernon" and stage director for "Showcase of Community Dancers", with over 100 cast members.

In 2007 founded Rushing Wild Performing Arts Company.

Created and Choreographed original productions:

  • 2008 Premiered Random Acts of Dance in Canada
  • 2008 Performed in Toronto and Nepal
  • 2009 Premiered Fragmented Pieces in Canada
  • 2011 Performed in Paris, France and Mexico
  • 2011 Became a non-profit soceity with the Canadian government
  • 2012 Performed in Mexico
  • 2013 Premiered Iconic Stature in Canada
  • 2013 Performed in Mexico
  • 2015 Premiered Eruption at the International Festival of Dance in Morelia, Mexico