Over 35 years of experience working in 35 plus countries producing, writing, choreographing original works of art.  I have lead creative workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico and Canada. Experiencing all the joys, the struggles, the challenges to master my craft and being stretched as a person. Now I am shifting to the next phase of my artistic life to pass on what I've learned and empowering the next generation.

One or our greatest needs in the 21st century is the “how to” be creative and capture an original thought.  Culture tells us that we have moved from the information age to the innovative age. Have we let the information/computer age do our thinking for us.  A quote from Henry Ford “thinking is the hardest work that you could ever do that is why so few people engage in it.”  To be successful in the innovative age you need to have “the edge”. Creative thinking and implementation is a learning curve.

We want to equip the next generation with the ability and confidence to face life's challenges with creativity and insight. So they can reach their greatest potential.

Rushing Wild has introduced a course to help you in this process. More information doesn't change us, innovation does.

Some of the creative insights we will explore

How do you recognize and capture an original idea and produce something from it?

Are you sabotaging your genius? What does incapacitating your creativity look like and how do you avoid those pitfalls?

Is it just about thinking? What role does our emotions and character affect our level of creativity?

How do you acquire critical thinking?

How about peer pressure, fear, freedom, insecurity, self-awareness, identity, self-confidence, courage, fun?

Is your purpose or vision your motivation?  If you know where you are going and what you want to do, does that help in your motivation?

Where do you find your inspiration?  Is there a dumb idea? 

What to do when you are stuck creatively? How important is reflection?

The exposing, scary fun of creating in a team environment.

We offer a one hour talk, as well as an interactive workshop that gives a deep understanding of the creative process as it is experienced in 6 different stages, in a team environment.

Designed for high schools, universities, business and adult organizations.

A quote from Simon Sinek in his book, Start with Why.

“Innovation changes the way I do life. Everything else is a novelty. Innovation is the light bulb, the automobile and the iPhone. Novelty is the 32 different types of Colgate toothpaste. The 32 types of tooth paste did not change how many times I brush my teeth."